Scottish Head and Neck Conference

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  • The management of salivary stones, Sialendoscopy

  • inflammatory salivary gland pathology

  • investigations of salivary gland tumours

  • controversies about extra capsular dissection

  • day case parotidectamy

  • neck dissections in salivary gland tumours

  • chemo radiotherapy/immunotherapy

  • radiology of salivary glands

  • WHO salivary gland pathology updates

  • the management of the facial nerve in parotid cancer /Re animation techniques

  • submandibular gland malignancy

  • carcinoma-ex pleomorphic adenoma/adenoid cystic carcinoma/malignant melanomas

  • minor salivary gland tumours

Target : 2019 Salivary gland disease





Target Audience


Medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, head and neck surgeons, physicists, Head and neck nurses, pathologists, radiation therapists, speech language therapist, dentists and rehabilitation specialists.

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